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DSI Pro II Image Gallery

DSI Pro II Images

This page is a compilation of my recent Luminosity and  LRGB imaging results

 using a Meade DSI Pro II Mono camera and a modified 

GSO-12 F5 reflector on my homemade computerised GEM.

M16 Eagle

M83 Galaxy

M104 Sombrero

Trifid Nebula

NGC 5128 Cent A

NGC 4945 Cent

Lagoon Nebula

Eta Carina

Jewel Box LRGB

M17 Omega Neb

NGC 3717 Hydra

NGC 5319

NGC 3621

Antlia Cluster

C/2007 N3 Lulin

NGC 253

Eta Car LRGB

Lagoon LRGB


NGC 1365

NGC 3132 NGC 6744 NGC 1672 New R.A.worm
Ara NGC 6221 NGC 1596 NGC 1655 Plan. PK315
NGC 1581 LMC NGC 1962,66,70 Seyfert NGC 7213 Keyhole-Finger





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(page under construction: more pics to follow soon)

Miaplacidus and NGC2822 : DSI II pro (cooled) baader IR / 12" f/5 Newt

NGC 6744 in Pavo

Supernova 2011ja in Galaxy NGC4945 : DSI II pro (cooled) 12" f/5 Newt / Baader IR